DropbackTV Partner Chat Breakdown – Channels, Roles, & More

DropbackTV Chat Breakdown – Channels, Roles, & More

One of the awesome things about Discord is the ability to have multiple text channels in addition to easy voice chat, simple direct messages, and the incredible user system. We’re going to explain how all of these work in the DropbackTV chat below. Please feel free to share this page with those who are new to the DropbackTV chat and still learning the ropes.

Text Channels

There are two text channels in the DropbackTV Partner chat – #general and #promotion.

#general: This chat is for everything that doesn’t include your own videos, content, social media, website, etc. Otherwise, if it doesn’t involve you, it goes here. Some of the things that you could talk about in this chat include but aren’t limited to your favorite TV show, how to add an overlay to a video, advice on what kinds of videos you should post, small talk about anything, talk about collaboration on YouTube, setting up playdates on video games with other partners, and anything else that doesn’t involve links to your own stuff. Pretty simple right?

#promotion: This is for all of your stuff. If it’s your video, your Twitter, your stream, your website, your anything, this is where it goes. You don’t have to ask permission to post it, just post it. No worries. However, if you post something that should be here in the #general chat, it will be removed from #general, and you will receive a warning. Also, don’t spam. No one likes spam.

Voice Channels

We have a lot of voice channels. The “General” voice channel and voice channels 1 thru whatever number. It varies as they are added and deleted as needed. Below, I explain what they are for.

General: The general voice chat is where partners can talk to each other via voice and just hangout. It server no purpose other than that – just hanging out and chatting.

Voice Number 1-Whatever: The “Voice” servers are usually being used for something. Whether it’s a bunch of partners hanging out playing a video game or a group of people collaborating, the voice servers are used for a lot of different things. When it comes to joining a voice server, do so with caution. If it’s empty, you’re good to go, but if it’s not, I’d suggest joining and waiting a minute before you talk feel things out, and make sure you are welcome. No one wants to mess up a video or butt into a semi-private conversation.

User Roles

The DropbackTV chat has 4 different “roles” users can be apart of – Owner, Staff, Admin, Everyone. Each role has a different meaning and can do different things.

Owner: The owner roles are only held by Nic and Patrick the owners of DropbackTV. They have all power and can do anything they want when it comes to the chat. They can add new channels, delete messages, remove people, add people, everything. They can do it all.

Staff/Admin: The staff and admin roles have the exact same power. The only difference is what they represent. Staff are people who do regualr work for DropbackTV. They could be designers, support staff, partner managers, anyone. Admins are DropbackTV partners just like you. The only difference is they have build up enough trust with Nic and Patrick to be given more responsibility in the DropbackTV chat. Now, you may be wondering what an admin can do. Well, the answer is simple. They can add new channels, delete members from the chat, delete messages from the chat, move people in and out of voice chats, and some other stuff that you won’t need to know.

Everyone: Everyone is well, everyone who doesn’t fall into the above roles. They can talk, move channels, chat, etc. This is the role you start out in, so if you can do it, so can everyone else.


We LOVE emojis, and we hope you do too. Luckily, Discord supports them, and you can see how to use them by clicking here. There are a TON off different ones, so have some fun!

Feel free to ask any staff, admin, or owner to add a channel or move someone out of a channel if they are causing a problem. Also, report any problems you have to Support@Dropback.tv, and we will get them taken care of.

If you have any questions about the DropbackTV chat or DropbackTV in general, email Support@Dropback.tv . We are happy to help you out! Additionally, please be sure to read and follow the chat rules found at http://Dropback.tv/ChatRules



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