DropbackTV Partner Chat Rules

DropbackTV Partner Chat Rules

As a DropbackTV Partner, you have the ability to join the DropbackTV Partner chat on Discord. In the chat, you will be able to meet other partners, make plans for collaboration, bounce ideas off other like-minded content creators, and more. The possibilities with what you can do with other content creators are endless; however, we need all of our partners to keep in mind that we do have a set of rules that each and every partner must follow. These rules are listed below, and if they are broken, you will be removed from the chat no questions asked.

  1. Do not post promotional links in the “#general” chat. Promotional links are anything involving you. Your channel, your stream, your Twitter, your website, etc. Any promotional links should be posted in the “#promotion” chat.
  2. Do not post the same thing or nonsense in the chat. If you post something once and you do not get a response, chances are no one is interested.
  3. Do not talk trash talk or talk down to other partners.
  4. Do not type in all caps.
  5. Do not add people to the chat. Only DropbackTV Staff can get invite links, but should you some how aquire one, do not share it with your friends, fans, or anyone else. If you add someone to the chat, both of you will be removed.
  6. While the chat is not PG, please do not use excessive profanity in the chat. An occasional curse word is okay, but more than that in a sentence is a bit overboard.
  7. If you have a problem with the way DropbackTV has handled something, posting in this chat will do you no good. Email Support@Dropback.tv so the situation can be handled directly with you in a much more timely manor.
  8. Do not talk about other networks in the DropbackTV chat unless it is relevant. If you have a problem with how DropbackTV is doing something, please see rule number 7.
  9. Do not talk about no longer being a DropbackTV Partner unless you want to be removed from the chat. We don’t know you’ve left unless you tell us, so don’t tell us if you want to stay it the chat. Again, if you’ve got a problem with how we are doing something, see rule number 7.
  10. Do not impersonate ANYONE in the chat. Only act as yourself. If you act as someone else, you will be permanently remove from the chat. Nic and Patrick are marked as “Owners” other staff is marked as “Staff”, and chat only admins are marked as such “Admins”.
  11. Do not mention anything of sexual nature in the chat. Doing so will result in you being removed from the chat entirely.

Please keep in mind that breaking any of these rules can, and often will, result in being kicked or banned from the DropbackTV Partner Chat. If you would like to appeal a ban, you can do so by emailing Support@Dropback.tv.

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