Analyze Stats; Don’t Stress About Them

Analyze Stats; Don’t Stress About Them

As YouTubers, we have a lot of numbers to look at. Whether it is views, watch minutes, subscribers, CPM, earnings, or even comment numbers, there are tons of numbers that YouTube content creators can stress themselves out about. Thus, we need a way to handle all of these numbers without getting stressed out. That is what  this article teaches you to do.

What numbers are important?

Before we talk about how you should handle the numbers themselves, you need to know exactly what numbers are important and should be focused on. First and foremost, it is important that you don’t stress about about revenue. While, if you are doing YouTube as a full-time job, revenue is something you should be aware of, it isn’t something that you should use to measure your success. What you should look at when it comes to your YouTube statistics is the number of views you are getting and the number of subscribers you are getting. These numbers are important because your views outline how many people are finding your videos, and your subscriber number is important because it outlines how many of those people have decided to stay and watch more of your videos.

How should you look at them?

When looking at your view and subscriber numbers, look for trends. If views are going down, think about what you have done differently from when they are going up. They could have decreased for a number of reasons. Have you stopped posting videos? Maybe, your views are going down because of a content shift or irregularity? What changes have you made to your videos since your views started decreasing? These are all questions you need to ask. Don’t look at your views in fear. There is a reason they are going done. You just need to figure it out.

Now, what about subscribers? View decreases can also cause subscriber decreases, but what if just your subscribers are going down? This could be for a few reasons, and require a completely different set of questions. Have any of your older videos suddenly started getting less views? Have you suddenly stopped upload to community channels or channel spotlights? Has your promotion of forums, Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks or blogs stopped or slowed down recently? If the answer is yes to any of those, then, that could be the reason why your subscribers are decreasing when your views are not.

Forget the rest!

That’s it. That is all you need to worry about. No need to worry about watch time, what device your views are coming from, or anything else. Just focus on your subscriber and view numbers, and everything else fixes itself. Those two numbers can tell you pretty much everything you need to know about your channel’s growth or non-growth for that matter. Overall though, you just don’t need to worry about statistics in general. All they will do is stress you out, and in turn, your content will suffer.

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