How To Get More Views On YouTube By Keeping Subscribers Engaged

How To Get More Views On YouTube By Keeping Subscribers Engaged

Everyone is always asking us “how do I get more views on my YouTube videos?” Most of these people want tips and tricks to get more people to their channel. The truth is, however, many don’t need to get more people to their channel. They need to keep their current audience more engaged, and get them watching their videos, and that is what this article will teach. How to get more views on your YouTube channel not by getting more people to your channel but by getting your current subscribers more engaged.

Get More Views by Keeping Subscribers Engaged

1) Ask A “Question of The Day”

This can be one of the most effective ways to get your audience more engaged with your content. During your video, ask them a “question of the day”. This question should be about the video, and make sure you mention that they need to “leave their answer in the comments below.” By doing this, you’re making sure that they know exactly what to do. Don’t leave any guess work for your viewers.

2) Outros

Outros are something we talk about a lot, and the reason for this is because they work. Simple as that. By having outros in your videos, you keep the people who are already watching your videos watching. You drive them to your other videos and content in the outro, and because of this, you get more views from the people who you should love most – your current subscribers. It’s a win-win. Just be sure that you include at least two older videos in your outros as well as your social networks. If you’ve got those down, you’re good to go!

3) Shorten or Remove Your Intro!

You’re intro is probably WAY too long. Intros are the killer of so many YouTube videos. If you spend more than 30 seconds telling the audience who you are and showing a graphic intro, you’re losing viewers. This is because people on YouTube want to get right into the content. They clicked on your video because the content interested them. Not the intro. Cut your intros down, and don’t be afraid to cut video intros all together. They are probably just hurting your channel anyway.

4) Asking For Likes

Why are so many YouTuber’s afraid of doing this? Every top YouTuber does it for a reason, and that reason is because it freaking works! If it didn’t, no one would do it. Your audience won’t hate you or dislike you for it. What they will do is LIKE MORE OF YOUR VIDEOS! This extra touch to get more likes and keep people engaged can go a long way to helping people feel involved in your channel, and when people feel involved, they watch more of your videos. Thus, it’s extremely important to remind your viewers to “like and subscribe” at the end of your videos.

5) Feature Your Viewers Comments

A great way to keep people coming back to your content time and time again is by featuring their comments in someway or another. This could be weekly on a comment review style video or by just showing a few at the end of every video. How you do it is compeletly up to you, but the amount of comments you’ll start getting once you enact it will amaze you. Featuring comments also gets people coming back to your videos because they want to see if they have been featured. By the way, if you pair this with number 1, you’ll get more comments than you know what do with.

6) Posting The Content They Want

This just makes sense doesn’t it? Well, yes, it does, but asking your viewers what they want isn’t the best way to go about figuring it out. The best way to figure out what your viewers want is by going into YouTube analytics and seeing what videos got the most views in the past 30 days. This is what your audience wants. It’s already getting views, and it’s working. Make move videos like your tops viewed videos, and your current subscriber base will come in droves to watch it. –

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