Why You Should Be Using Outros In Your Videos!!

Why You Should Be Using Outros In Your Videos!!

Outros are extremely important when it comes to growing on YouTube, and thus, it is important that we tell you about them and show you why you should use them and how they can help you! So, let’s get into it and show you exactly how outros in your videos help you grow your channel and retain your viewers. Quick note though, we actually provide you a few free outros that you can use yourself. Download them by clicking here.

Giving People A Place To Take Their Energy

After people get done watching a YouTube video, they usually have this energy that they want to take to another video. They want to keep watching content, and it’s up to you to do everything you can that they keep watching your content. Outros give viewers a place to take their energy after they watch your video that isn’t just some random video in the related videos section. It is on your channel or in your circle. Which actually leads me directly to my next point of why intros are super important when you’re trying to grow a YouTube channel.

Keeps People In Your Circle

Outros give people a place to take their energy, and they allow you to keep them in your circle. By “in your circle”, I mean that they go to content that is in someway related to you, and thus, they see more of you. This makes them more likely to subscribe to your channel if they haven’t already, and it also just simply gets you more views. The longer you can keep someone on your channel, the more views you will get. The more views you get, the more legitimacy you gain and the more money you make. Keeping people on your channel and watching your videos is super important.

Extends Your Watch Times

Outros help to keep people on your channel. Thus, they help to increase your watch time. This doesn’t just help you grow it also helps you get a higher CPM. The longer viewers watch videos on your channel, the better chances you have of getting a higher CPM. In addition to this, longer watch times help you get better search rankings. YouTube wants people to find the videos that they want to watch when they find videos via search. One primary factor on this is watch times. For these two reasons, outros are super important when it comes to growing YouTube channels.

Improved Engagement And Subscription Rates

Last but not least, outros can help improve both user engagement and the rate in which new users will subscribe to your channel. Why is this? Because, you can use the outro to remind people to like and comment on your videos as well as subscribe to your YouTube channel. Doing these small things has helped my own engagement a ton, and I believe it can help your engagement also. People want somewhere to take their energy after a video, and thus, many of them will take some of that energy and like and comment on the video because you have told them to. Don’t feel bad from reminding someone to like, comment, and subscribe. No one will get offended, and everyone on YouTube is doing it!

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