How To Get More Views On YouTube By Keeping Subscribers Engaged

Everyone is always asking us “how do I get more views on my YouTube videos?” Most of these people want tips and tricks to get more people to their channel. The truth is, however, many don’t need to get more people to their channel. They need to keep their current audience more engaged, and get them […]

How to Make Money with YouTube

In the last few years, multiple methods to monetizing your YouTube content have opened up to everyone, and content creators all over the world are looking for new ways on how to make money with YouTube. A lot of content creators are starting to move away from the traditional method of YouTube advertisements, and many […]

How to Deal with Subscriber Loss on YouTube

Earlier this week, we received an email in our Support inbox inquiring about growing their channel. In the email, however, the sender also mentioned that he had experienced a recent draw down in the number of subscribers his channel had. While it wasn’t the full subject of the email, it seemed that the partner was […]

How To Optimize YouTube Videos For Search Engines

Search engine optimization is EXTREMELY important when it comes to growing a YouTube channel, and in this tutorial, I’ll be walking you through my entire process of optimizing videos for search engines that has allowed me to rank number one for search quires such as “Start A Minecraft Server” on YouTube a search result that gets […]

How To Get More Views On YouTube By Posting Less Videos

Everyone on YouTube wants to get more views on their videos, and there are TONS of tips out there on how to do it – some of which are on this site. With that being said, very few of those will tell you that you can get more views while actually posting less videos. This […]

How To Setup And Optimize Your YouTube Channel For Success

This is a hard tutorial to write in my normal format. Usually, I try my best to cover the same topics in both the article and the video on the subject that is being discussed as some people would rather read an article than watch a video. In this case, however, that really can’t be […]

Why You Should Be Using Outros In Your Videos!!

Outros are extremely important when it comes to growing on YouTube, and thus, it is important that we tell you about them and show you why you should use them and how they can help you! So, let’s get into it and show you exactly how outros in your videos help you grow your channel […]

3 Photo Editors That Will Improve Your YouTube Videos

Oddly enough, when it comes to making YouTube videos, photo editing is just as important as video editing. Whether it is overlays, outros, in-video advertisements, or in-video watermarks, it is extremely important to have an awesome photo editor to make the graphics inside of your videos completely awesome thus improving your content and make your […]

5 Ways To Keep People Watching Your YouTube Videos

If you want to grow on YouTube and build a strong community, you need to keep your audience engaged and watching your content so they will post comments, like your videos, and support you and your content. Thus, how can you keep people engaged and watching your videos? Well, that is what we are going […]

Make More Money By Promoting DropbackTV!

We try our best to help our partners make as much money as possible from their YouTube videos, and we also believe that you should get a kick-back for bringing in your friends and viewers into our network. Thus, we have a referral program here at DropbackTV that allows you to make 15% of the […]



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