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What is DropbackTV?

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What is this page?

This page compares YouTube networks in order to help you find the one that is perfect for your channel and the type of content you produce. We try to cover everything someone would know when joining a network, but if you think we’ve missed something, contact us, and we may add it!

What type of channel can get partnered?

All of the networks we have listed here partner any genre of channel. It doesn’t matter if you upload gaming videos, vlogs, beauty videos, technology videos, etc. You are more than welcome to join any of these networks.

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Apply For The DropbackTV Network Through Freedom

Freedom! is the newest YouTube network on this list. It was founded by George Vanous, and it is, by far, the best YouTube network for small channels. The partnerships that Freedom! provide come with tons of different perks, but the main thing that Freedom! strives to help partners do is grow their channel together as a community.

Their rev-share starts at 60%, but it can grow to 95% over time as your channel grows. Another major perk of a partnership with Freedom! is their no lock-in contract. What Freedom! have a no-lock in contract means is that you can leave at anytime for any reason or no reason. No matter what network you decide to be partnered with, we recommend that you make sure you are not lock-in. If you are, you will regret it.

Last, Freedom! has some other cool perks for its partners including sponsorships for all partners big and small, FREE indie games for partners to download and review, and an extensive copyright free music library full of music that you can use it your videos.

Freedom! has no view or subscriber requirements, so no matter the size of your YouTube channel, you can join! Apply by clicking the button below!

DropbackTV Network Apply For Union For Gamers Partnership

Union For Gamers by Curse is a gamers only YouTube network that is focused on providing gaming YouTube channels the best possible YouTube network to partner with. Historically, Curse has been know to partner bigger channels actually having some of the bigger game channels under their network such as GassyMexican and VideoGameDunkey.

The biggest draw for channels to come to the Union For Gamers YouTube network is their 90% default revenue share, and the fact they also have a no-lock in contract. Because of these two things, they are a top network actually ranking in the top 10 overall in all networks on YouTube according to SocialBlade.

Some of the other benefits that Curse has is copyright free music avalible for all of their partners, an amazing dashboard with rich analytics for your channel, and a “top video breakdown” that will allow you to see the videos that have performed the best on your channel over the past month.

If you want a gaming partnership for your YouTube channel, Curse is the network for you. Get more info and apply via the button below!

Fullscreen Appy Via DropbackTV

Fullscreen is  YouTube network that has been around the block a few times. It was founded by George Strompolos in 2011 and has some of YouTube’s biggest names under its umbrella. These include Grace Helbig, PopularMMOs, HowToBasic, and even TheFineBros.

Fullscreen isn’t the best for smaller channels though. It is notorious for having a starting 60% rev-share, and a two year lock-in contract. Now, don’t let the bad fool you though. Fullscreen does have some amazing perks such as its “gorilla campaigns”. These are sponsorships for all channels big in the Fullscreen network, and can help you add an additional revenue stream on top of traditional YouTube ad revenue.

In addition to the above, Fullscreen also has one of the best dashboards in the industry, multi-platform assistance/support for its partners, and an awesome platform to find people to collaborate with directly in the dashboard.

If Fullscreen sounds the network for you, click the button below to go apply!

Machinima DropbackTV Network Application

Machinima is the oldest network on this list. They were one of the first networks on YouTube, and while they started out being a gaming network, they now accept partners from both the gaming and “fandom” genres.

The perks Machinima offers are your standard set for a network. They do provide custom sponsorships for their partners as we well as some really good statistic tools in their dashboard. These two things are what sets Machinima apart from other networks.

As far as people who are currently partnered with Machinima goes, SkyDoesMinecraft, HolaSoyGerman, and theRadBrad are all partnered with them, so they are far from lacking in big channels. As far as for the little guy goes, Machinima just doesn’t seem like the network to be with in the modern age.

With that being said, however, if you do feel as if Machinima is the network for you, just hit button below, and go apply!

Apply For The DropbackTV YouTube Network Maker

Maker Studios was the first network on the block that wasn’t gaming related, and they are still a top competing network today. Founded by a cast of YouTubers including Shay Carl and KassemG, they have became the top stop for creators on YouTube.

They have an extensive dashboard with analytics, an in-house ad sales team to get higher CPMs for your channel, and they have a great support team with super quick responses.

All of these good things are backed up by the amount of HUGE channels that are partnered with their network. From PewDiePie to Markiplier to Lindsey Sterling, they have some of the top channels on YouTube under their network.

If you decide that you Maker is the network you want to partner with on YouTube, click the button below to go apply!

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