How To Get More CPM

How To Get More CPM

Everyone want so to make more money on YouTube, and for that reason, increasing your CPM is a big deal. Thus, let’s go ahead and get into this post so we can start increasing your income by raising your CPM!

Pick The Right Category

Categories on YouTube help YouTube decide what advertisements should be ran on what set of videos. For this reason, you want categories to be as accurate as possible. The more accurate a the category is to your video, the higher your CPM on that video will be. For example, if you put a gaming video in the style category, your CPM on that video will be significantly lower because it is not in anyway related to the category it is in.

Accurate Video Descriptions

Video descriptions, like categories, help YouTube determine what your video is about. Lucky for you though is that having a detailed descriptions also helps people find your video on YouTube, so it truly is a win-win and a must do for any upload that you do on YouTube. You can get more information on exactly how a long description is written by checking out this tutorial.

Viewer Watch Time

The longer your viewers watch your videos, the higher your CPM will be. The reason for this is because the longer your viewers watch the more engaged they are with the content. Thus, the more likely they are to watch an entire ad, which was advertisers want. They pay for advertisements on videos because they want people to watch them. With that being said, raising viewer’s watch time can be difficult, but there are three quick tips that can have a tremendous affect on watch time. Here they are:

  1. Cut out intros. Intros more often than not make people stop watching YouTube videos. We have an entire tutorial dedicated to this which you can check out here.
  2. Make sure your content is entertaining and high quality. This is a no brainer, but if your content is HD with clear and understandable audio, there is no way that people will stay and watch an entire video.
  3. Interact with your audience. By interacting with your audience, they get an incentive to watch your videos. They know that if they watch the entire video and comment, they have a chance of getting an interaction with the content creator. We have an entire in-depth tutorial on this here.

Channel Standing

If anytime in the past 6 months your channel has received a strike of any kind, your CPM will be very low. This is because YouTube has to regain the trust of your channel. While there is nothing you can do to stop this from happening other than not getting a strike in the first place, luckily after 6 months your CPMs should start returning back to normal. After that, you should be good to go assuming you don’t get anymore strikes.

While the above can help increase your CPM it IS NOT guaranteed that it will. CPM is affected by hundreds of thousands of different factors, and while the above should improve your CPM, it is not promised to. 

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