How To Monetize Your Videos

How To Monetize Your Videos

Getting the ability to monetize your videos on YouTube is on of the main reasons that many people get partnered. That being said, actually monetizing your videos once you are partnered can be a bit confusing, so in this tutorial, I am going to be teaching you exactly how to monetize individual videos that aren’t monetized, and make sure that every video that you upload in the future is automatically monetized so you don’t have to worry about monetizing any of the new videos that you upload.

Monetizing Past Videos

Monetizing your past videos can be a VERY time consuming process, but it is completely worth it considering any videos that isn’t monetized is literally losing you money. With that being said, let’s get into this!

Step One
Go to the YouTube video manager. Here you will be able to see a bunch of “$” next to your videos’ statistics. If your videos are monetized, this “$” will be green. If they are not monetized, the “$” will be grey. If the “$” is grey, you will need to click on it so you can monetize the video. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to move on to step two!

Step Two
Choose the usage policy. To monetize your video, you will need to choose “Monetize In All Countries”. This will put advertisements on all of your videos in every single country in the world. Kind of crazy right? That being said, we aren’t done yet!

Step Three
Now, you need to choose the advertising formats that you want to run on your videos. We recommend enabling all advertising formats on your videos. Specifically, we recommend you enabling Overlay in-video ads, TrueView in-stream ads, Standard in-stream ads, and Standard in-stream ads up to 30s in length. Once you have done that, your video is now monetized.

Step Four
Repeat these steps over and over again for every video that is not monetized. This is time consuming yes, but like I said, it is completely worth it as every video that isn’t monetized is literally costing you money!!

Monetizing New Videos

While monetizing old videos is very time consuming, monetizing new ones is much easier. You literally have to do nothing after you just change the default settings for your YouTube videos. To this, go to, and find “Ad formats” on the page. There, you will see the ad formats that we mentioned above: Overlay in-video ads, TrueView in-stream ads, Standard in-stream ads, and Standard in-stream ads up to 30s in length. You want to click the check box next to all of these formats, and click save at the bottom of the page. Once you’ve done this, you’re done and all of your videos will now automatically be monetized!

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