How To Setup And Optimize Your YouTube Channel For Success

How To Setup And Optimize Your YouTube Channel For Success

This is a hard tutorial to write in my normal format. Usually, I try my best to cover the same topics in both the article and the video on the subject that is being discussed as some people would rather read an article than watch a video. In this case, however, that really can’t be done. In the video, I go through and build a channel from the ground up explaining why I do everything that I do. It is a very visual experience, and doing it without a visual would be nearly impossible. Thus, it is more important than ever to watch the video in addition to reading this article. As far as the article goes, I am going to give you three highlights from the video that every channel no matter what needs to do when it comes to optimizing your channel.

1. Channel Trailer

The channel trailer is the first thing that people who aren’t subscribed to you will see when they stumble upon your channel. It needs to capture people and suck them into your content. I would recommend creating a custom video for this highlighting your best moments and showing what your channel is all about. If you don’t do that, pick the video that you think is your best, and make sure it features all of your newest equipment. You want to make sure that if you get a new mic, lighting, or camera you update your channel trailer.

2. Playlists

Playlists are super important when it comes to how your channel page works. They organize everything, and they help point new viewers to the content you want them to see – your best content. Make sure that you keep active playlists that are up-to-date, and it may be in your best interest to create a playlist known as “your best content” or “start here if you’re new”. Something along those lines to give people a place to go when they first come across your channel. Make sure you add this playlist as a module on your channel so people will be able to find it without searching. If people have to search for something, they will not find it.

3. Channel Description

Your channel about page/description is a very big opportunity to let the rest of YouTube know what your channel is all about. The challenge is you have to do it in the first 160 characters. YouTube uses the first 160 characters of your channel’s description to show your channel off to everyone across YouTube. For this reason, you want to make sure that the channel description accurately reflects what is being shown on your channel and has keywords that you want people to find your channel with mentioned in it. Again, this all needs to be within the first 160 characters.

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