The Difference Between Promotion And Spamming

The Difference Between Promotion And Spamming

In the YouTube community, everyone who has a channel wants to grow their channel, and thus, people end up spamming comment sections, YouTube inboxes, and social networks with their channel links. This, however, is a terrible way to grow your channel, and in some cases, can get your channel terminated. Thus, let’s talk about the difference between spamming your channel and actually promoting your channel.

What is spamming?

Rather than giving you the textbook definition of spamming, I am going to give you the definition of spamming in regards to YouTube. On YouTube, spamming is posting the same or nearly the same comment or message on a video or channel. Spamming on YouTube can also be link spamming. For example, you could change the comment or message you are sending each time, but keep the same link in all of the comments or messages. This is also considered spamming, and it will hurt your channel.

Why shouldn’t you spam?

Spamming is something that shouldn’t be done for a few reasons. Here they are:

  1. Spamming is against YouTube’s Terms of Service, and it can get your channel community guideline strikes or completely removed from YouTube all together.
  2. Spamming also makes you look bad. While it may gain you two or three subscribers, that is nothing compared to the amount of bad publicity your channel will get because of spamming.
  3. Comment and message spamming can also get your channel blacklisted by YouTube. This will result in you losing your partnership if you are partnered, and if you are not partnered, it will result in you never being able to get partnered.
  4. Spamming doesn’t really help a channel grow. As I said earlier, spamming your channel only gives you two or three subscribers. This is nothing considering all of the damage spamming does. Rather than going out and posting tons of comments, instead spend time on improving your content and making better videos. This will in turn bring in more subscribers.

What about promoting my channel?

While spamming isn’t a good idea whatsoever, there are still ways to promote your channel on YouTube. All of which, are much more effective than spamming will ever be. Below is a list of 4 ways that you can promote your channel on YouTube without spamming.

  1. Connect with other YouTubers and cross-promote each other. We have a great tutorial on how to do this which you can check out here.
  2. Box for box with other YouTubers by having them put you in your recommended channels box. In return, you can put them in your own recommended channels box. This allows you to both share traffic and grow together!
  3. Use search engine optimization with titles, tags, and descriptions to optimize your channel and bring in new users. We have an entire tutorial on this, and you can check it out by clicking here.
  4. Uploading to larger YouTubers that allow you to post to their channel. There are tons of YouTubers out there that let you do this, but I’d suggest submitting a video to my Subscriber Saturday series that allows you to upload a video to my channel! Get more information by click here!

And there you have it! That is all you need to know about spamming and promoting your channel on YouTube. The bottom line when it comes to spam is just don’t do it. It won’t help your channel. All it will do is hurt it. Let us know if we missed something in this tutorial. If we did, please let us know! We will add it to the post and give you credit.

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