How to Deal with Subscriber Loss on YouTube

How to Deal with Subscriber Loss on YouTube

Earlier this week, we received an email in our Support inbox inquiring about growing their channel. In the email, however, the sender also mentioned that he had experienced a recent draw down in the number of subscribers his channel had. While it wasn’t the full subject of the email, it seemed that the partner was still a little concerned about losing the few people.

This is something that cannot be worried about when working on any business venture. You cannot focus on small losses, because it is just going to happen. There is truly nothing you can do about the loss of subscribers, as it is purely inevitable. You have to be able to disassociate and disconnect yourself from the numbers, or it will drive you insane.

The purpose of this article is to explain some ways that you can understand how to use the information of a loss effectively, analyze it, and move on to continue growing your channels. So, with that, let’s go a head and talk about how to understand and use the loss of your subscribers to your advantage.

First off, to understand how to use all of this, you need to understand some of the most frequent reasons people unsubscribe from a channel. These are in no specific order, but these are the most frequent reasons.

  1. Your content no longer interests them.
    1. We’ve all found channels that we like for a few months and lose interest in.
    2. It happens; move along.
  2. You aren’t producing high quality, entertaining content.
    1. Buy newer, better equipment. If you take this seriously, invest in it.
    2. Find what you’re passionate about, and talk about it.
      1. Your audience will grow around your content.
  3. You aren’t producing content frequently enough.
    1. It results in people seeing less value in your channel and leaving.
    2. If it bothers you, fix it. If you’re happy with the current schedule, continue.
  4. You make a controversial choice to please yourself.
    1. Anytime you try to make yourself happy, someone will be unhappy.
    2. According to Newton’s Third Law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

There are obviously more reasons, but from my research, those are the main four. Typically, people don’t unsubscribe because they disagree with all of your opinions. If that were to be the case, people wouldn’t subscribe int he first place, which means they wouldn’t be unsubscribing? Make sense? So disagreements in opinions typically isn’t the biggest reason; however, keep in mind, it can have some volume in the fourth reason listed above, which was making a controversial decision for yourself and your future. It’s complicated, but it makes sense in practice.

At the end of it all, I think it is best that all of you understand that loss is a part of growth. It happens, and it is inevitable. For example, I am a Forex Trader, which essentially means that I trade global and foreign currencies. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a bit similar to stocks, but it has it’s major differences. Just know that as it is a form of financial trading, there are, at times, huge losses involved. There are times where I have a day where I’ll make a few hundred dollars. Likewise, I will have days where I lose a couple hundred dollars.

The point of that is, you have to realize that as long as you are gaining more than you are losing, you’re doing just fine. But now let’s talk about some ways that you can use these losses to your advantage.

In this article, I’m going to list two ways that you can deal with losing subscribers. More specifically, these ways will help you use unsubscribers to your advantages.

Method 1: Move On

This, being method one, is going to be the most effective way to use unsubscribers to your advantage. It’s a simple one, as well. Move on. Yes, it is actually that simple. As I have mentioned multiple times in this article, it is just part of the process of growing a channel. All you need to do to effectively move on is keep pushing forward with the content that you are producing. Eventually, you will figure out a method that works for you. Let your audience grow around your passion. Don’t grow your channel around their passions, if you want longterm success and happiness. Once you have an audience based around what you enjoy, grow it by finding what your audience (like-minded people) want to see more of.

Method 2: Optimize Yourself & Your Channel

As some of the reasons why people unsubscribe from your channel may suggest, people are not satisfied with the quality of your content. This could be down to the quality of the video (resolution or audio quality) , or it could be down to your videos not being as entertaining as your competition is. Take feedback from outside sources, as sometimes you are not able to see your own flaws.

Keep in mind, that does not mean listen to people who are just being flat out negative towards your videos. These are not the people you want to listen to. You need to be taking feedback that is constructive and real. Use that feedback to analyze your channel, and look at yourself from an outside perspective. If you came across your own channel, how likely would you be to subscribe to it, based on the channel continue to grow, succeeded, and produce more content.

So, that’s it. Take it for what you will, but at the end of this, you need to be able to understand that loss is a part of growth. It happens, and it is inevitable. You will never be able to please everyone, so please only those who matter to you and be happy. It’s YouTube, and if it isn’t your full-time career, know it’s a waste of your valuable and limited time to focus energy on people clicking a simple button. It’s part of it.

I hope you guys have a better understanding as to why people leave, and I hope this article helps you realize where you need to focus your energy with content creation.

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